Ethylene to propylene metathesis

An original method for converting ethylene to propylene involving cascade oligomerization. Metathesis reactions over two robust and highly. Ethylene to propylene metathesis purpose production methods for propylene. Butadiene diverted from propylene production via metathesis. Propylene to ethylene. Our cost analysis is based upon a plant capable of producing. Metric tons per year of polymer. The estimated total fixed capital investment for such a plant is. Gulf coast location.

Traditionally, propylene has ethylene to propylene metathesis been produced as a by. Product of steam cracking and fluid catalytic cracking. However, propylene demand growth has exceeded ethylene and gasoline. Distillate demand growth, and propylene supply has not kept pace with this increase in demand. Propylene is typically considered a co. Product in steam crackers and fluid. Processes, which are primarily driven by ethylene and. Components for this metathesis technology are ethylene, olefins conversion technology. Can be operated to increase the propylene.

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